sexta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2010


Our focus of study and discussion is the difference and similarity in the processes of independence of the colonies of America. But we must not forget that while America countries are celebrating or going to celebrate the bicentennial of independence, our African brother, who unfortunately are in the TAIL OF STORY, is celebrating a half century of independence.

Another important finding is that the independence of the colonies of America passed with a certain tranquility in Africa, they are still maiming in endless tribal wars. Things in America were not only quieter, because the left with his revolutionary ideas and bloody wars and caused some disturbances until today Marxists create problems in Latin America. The Marxist ideal is equality of all:
no money
without modern vehicles,
without mobile telephone
no private companies,
without decent housing.

Latin America still lags behind North America because this is housed the sick mentality of Marxism.

While Protestants and Americans want to end poverty by creating more and more wealthy, the Latin American left, backed by supporters of the theology of deliverance by Leonardo Boff (Left the Catholic Church), wants to end poverty by blaming the rich.

The Latin American Left accuses the U.S. of imperialism, but the people can not see a Mc Donald and a Coca-Cola lands "lip." Some colleagues are forced to consume American products? So why accuse them of imperialist ....

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